Recent changes and a glimpse into the future

Over the past weeks/months lots has changed, like everything in life, we're evolving as well towards the vision we have in mind for Rugged. That being said here's a quick overview of our current state.

Raiding Division
Lyth, Luci and Yunaleia (aka. Bear Force One) will manage our raid team from now on. 40 man's require good organisation and a solid leadership and since they have played - led guilds & raids together over the past years, it was an easy choice to make. They've already gotten to work - ironed out the loot system (EPGP) and bravely answered all questions/concerns from members.
We have solid numbers for our raid team already and not looking for more members at this point - but more on this later.

Warplot Division
After careful consideration we decided to put this division on ice for the time being. With Warplots still being a big questionmark, esp. bc of the 40v40 system, we rather wait and see how they'll develop before devoting ressources and efforts towards them. We still are a PvX Guild, will join a PvP Server as many of our members enjoy PvP so you'll find us in Battlegrounds and Arenas. Should OWPvP and Warplots turn out the be "worth" it we will restart the engine on this devision.

For now all recruitment is closed - you can still register an account on our website and ask questions in the community forum, but you won't be able to access the application form. As of now all recruitment is Invite Only. Keep an eye out on the website for any updates. Once we have a concrete release date expect recruitment to open up again.




Rugged 3.0 - We're under construction

After a loong weekend and an unusual amount of coffee cups i pushed the initial release of our new layout to the live servers. Minimalistic and sleek is they way we wanted to go this time, in preperation for the new features we're about to deploy. These will include - amongst minor quality of live improvements - an updated event management system, a built in EPGP system and an updated recruitment system. Big thanks to Rompetomp who is the php wizard behind those features.
Besides some optical changes we managed to greatly improve the performance of the site again and after some further clean up it should be even faster.

While the majority of the work is completed, officially, we're still "under construction" until the remaining bugs are fixed. Further updates to the layout & design of the actual forum posts and our roster will also be necessary and should be dealt with "soon".

Rompetomp and me took a huge leap forward with this update - one step closer to where we want the page to be come launch.


Recruitment & Member Update

Kilty, FrameArt & Viffin passed their trial! So we all like to welcome them again as full member of Rugged.

Cheers to our new Cupcakes:

  • Hnks
  • Borgundvaag
  • Etherix
  • Sapler

Recruitment for our Raid Team is still closed, PvP'ers however are more than welcome. As always - exceptional applications for all roles and focus (raiding or warplots) are always welcome.


Recruitment & Member Update

Congratulations to Denym, EnergyX & Rakesto! They've passed their trial and are now full members of Rugged.

We also like to welcome our new recruits:

  • Monsta
  • Minaly
  • Blaze
  • Jazzel
  • YentlS
  • Niekard


Recruitment for our raid-team is now officially closed. If you are a dedicated pvp'er looking for some warplot action with a little bit of raiding on the side make sure to check by as we are still looking for more pvp focused members. Exceptional applications for all roles and focus (raiding or warplots) are always welcome.


Recruitment & Member Update

Time again to welcome all our new recruits and members. First of all props to our new Cupcakes:

  • Diabloaury
  • Denym
  • EnergyX
  • Rakesto
  • Kilty
  • Zealesis
  • Robb
  • FrameArt
  • Viffin
  • UberPeterbus

Congratulations to Gundrik who made it to Member!

Hope to see and chat to all of you at the Guild Meeting tonight!